Culinary gatherings, where you've never dined before.

About us

rediscovering the heart of dinner through one of a kind culinary experiences

Secret Dinner creates mysterious culinary adventures featuring local culinary talent in unique locations for one of a kind experiences.

The passion of Secret Dinner roots in gathering all of our guests from greatly varied walks of life to common ground through suspense, delicious food, and wonderful conversation.


"food is our common ground, a universal experience."

our dinners

Our traditional gatherings are for your inner social adventurous foodie.

But there’s one catch.

You won't know where you’re going or what’s on the menu until you arrive.

You might dine in a retired train station, centre stage at a theatre, or in a clearing in the middle of a Christmas tree farm.

Every Dinner is unique and

never done twice!





A luxurious private offering for 4-10 guests deep in the wilderness under the stars.

Showcasing and celebrating our home and native land, we are proud to be working with Hudson/Marlowe events for our newest dinner series: 

Wolves at the Table


Indulge in a four-course fine dining feast thoughtfully crafted with local ingredients and equally delectable Canadian pairings.

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